T.E.L.S. - BY

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Director: Ivan Samusev
Address: 22A-908, Logoyskiy trakt, 220090 Minsk
Founded: 2003
Membership type: Действительный
Phones: +375 (17) 352-49-31
Faxes: +375 (17) 355-49-35
E-mail: inbox@telsgroup.by; tels-by@telsgroup.by
Web: http://www.telsgroup.com
FIATA Membership: fiata
Transportation geography: Our main activity is transport support of foreign-trade turnover between West Europe countries, Central and East Europe countries, Scandinavian countries, Asia, the Baltics and CIS countries, as well as carriages within Europe and Asia
Description: Automobile Carriages; Groupage Cargoes Transportation; Carriages by Sea; Multimodal Transportation; Air Carriages; Railroad Freightage; Dangerous Goods Carriages; Oversized and Bulky Cargo Carriages; Project Cargoes Transportation